Left over Easter chocolate? It’s a problem we all love to have. Luckily here at Liquid, we have two experienced chefs who can transform your leftovers into a deliciously sweet treat for the whole family to enjoy. 

Olivier, our in-house development chef, has two go-to recipes he uses leftover Easter chocolate for: 

Chocolate truffles

In typical French style, our Normandy-born chef likes to combine an assortment of melted chocolate with heavy cream to create silky smooth chocolate truffles. In fact, the classic chocolate truffle recipe is said to have been invented by Chambéry-based pastry chef, Louis Dufour in 1895. For this French classic, melt the leftover chocolate with heavy cream to create a chocolate ganache. Once chilled, roll the ganache into small balls with your hands, but make sure you are quick as the ganache can easily melt. 

Chocolate lollipops

This is a very simple recipe where all you need is a piping bag, and if that is not available, a spoon will work just as well. Pipe or spoon the melted chocolate on to greaseproof paper in a round, disc shape and add a stick into the bottom. Allow them to cool in the fridge for at least an hour before enjoying them as a small treat. Olivier finds these are perfect for children either as an afternoon snack or a party piece.  

Our Chef Director, David, also has some recipes up his sleeve for leftover Easter chocolate: 

Chocolate-dipped strawberries

The combination of indulgent chocolate and fresh strawberries, makes a great snack for a spring picnic. And they’re also incredibly easy to prepare. Dip strawberries into melted chocolate and chill in the fridge for at least an hour – make sure you lay them on greaseproof paper like the chocolate lollipops to ensure they don’t stick. You can also use leftover white or dark chocolate to decorate them. 

Chocolate chunk cookies

Cookies are very easy to make as people usually already have the ingredients in their cupboards. All you need is light brown sugar and caster sugar, butter, an egg, plain flour, and bicarbonate of soda to create the cookie dough. Once done, add chunks of any type of chocolate to the mix. These are quick to whip up as they usually need no longer than 10 to 15 minutes in the oven, depending on the size of cookie you are making.  

There you have it, a selection of delicious easy-to-make recipes. Enjoy!