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The Brisbane FIFA World Cup: Igniting a Dining Industry Boom Down Under

As Brisbane geared up to host a whirlwind of football excitement during the FIFA World Cup, our colleagues living and working in the city took the opportunity to experience the vibrant culinary scene in and around the fan zones. The famous football tournament provided the perfect opportunity for Brisbane to showcase the diversity of its food industry, so [...]

Supermarket shopping trends: What are consumers looking for in the cost-of-living crisis?

The cost-of-living crisis in the UK has seen the price of everyday essentials rise to a level that is disproportionate to average household incomes. As a result, consumer behaviour has dramatically changed, particularly when it comes to grocery shopping. With rising prices and tighter budgets, consumers are looking to get more for their money and supermarkets have a [...]

Kitchen by Liquid: July Highlights

Throughout July, the kitchen has been bustling with new and familiar faces and Olivier has been whipping up some delicious recipes. We’ve had Christmas photo shoots (yes, we’ve said the C word already), cake sales, masterclasses and staff dinners – read on to find out more! Maple from Canada photo shoots On 6th July, we welcomed [...]

The government has ditched plans for food waste targets and reporting: But what about food sustainability?

In 2018, ex Secretary of State for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, Michael Gove, proposed enforced measurement and mandatory targets to reduce food waste. Now, almost five years later, the government has announced it has ‘no plans’ to implement this. The UK already faces a challenge to meet Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 to halve food waste by 2030, [...]

Tackling ‘Greedflation’ in the Food Industry

Ongoing food inflation is an issue brought about by a multitude of factors: the global pandemic, the war in Ukraine, labour and skill shortages and more controversially, by corporations profiteering across the supply chain. ‘Greedflation’ refers to excessive price increases driven by a desire to increase profit margins rather than genuine cost factors. Supermarket chains are under fire [...]

The UK’s first-ever drive-thru Chinese takeaway: Is this a new addition to the drive-thru craze?

England has seen its very first Chinese drive-thru open, in Warrington, and it is already causing quite a stir, with people travelling from Wales to visit the first of its kind. The creators of Wiyo, which stands for ‘what is your order’, hope to become the ‘McDonalds’ of Asian cuisine and have been developing the concept since 2018. [...]

Kitchen by Liquid: May Highlights

The Kitchen by Liquid team has been hard at work in May and the kitchen has been alive with the sights and smells of lots of delicious recipes. We’ve been busy with photoshoots, masterclasses and food styling courses – and you can read all about it below! Summer recipe shoot On 10th May, we hosted a [...]

Landmark study reveals cardiometabolic health benefits of maple syrup: What does this mean for the food processing industry?

The rates of obesity and people who are considered overweight are steadily on the rise and the Health Survey for England reveals that, currently, almost three-quarters of adults in England aged 45-74 are considered obese or overweight. One of the major factors causing the growth of obesity levels is an increased consumption of high-fat and high-sugar foods that [...]

ChatGPT and its uses for hospitality

ChatGPT, the AI-powered chatbot, is revolutionising the hospitality industry. Since OpenAI released ChatGPT in 2022, it has been adopted by millions of hospitality businesses around the world due to its ability to generate human-like conversations tailored to their specific needs. It has been vital in improving customer service, helping restaurants and hotel businesses alike build on their relationship [...]

Kitchen by Liquid: April Highlights

April has been a packed-out month for us here at Kitchen by Liquid. From staff socials to afternoon tea masterclasses, magazine shoots to networking events, we’ve certainly been keeping Olivier busy in the kitchen. Read on to find out more! Staff social On 13th April, the Kitchen by Liquid team joined the rest of our colleagues [...]

Hospitality training academies: Providing a solution to recruitment challenges

As the hospitality industry grows and continues to bounce back on its feet to pre-pandemic levels, recruitment challenges remain a persistent issue. With vacancy rates still 72% higher than they were pre-pandemic, meaning 1 in 4 businesses are unable to meet demand, the hospitality industry is facing an incredibly challenging recruitment landscape. The recruitment crisis is also stunting [...]

What will the King’s Coronation bring to the hospitality industry?

Due to the cost-of-living crisis, many hospitality businesses have been experiencing quieter times in recent months, as consumers prioritise where to spend their income. However, with the King’s Coronation happening on 6th May, there are questions as to whether the public will continue this trend by choosing to celebrate this momentous occasion at home or whether they will [...]

Kitchen by Liquid: March Highlights

Here at Kitchen by Liquid, another busy month has come to an end and Olivier has been hard at work cooking up some wonderful recipes. March has seen us host two photoshoots, restock our Urban Cultivator and welcome familiar faces into the kitchen for some tasty treats – and you can hear all about it here! Photoshoots [...]

Stars in their Eyes: Who made the MICHELIN Guide Great Britain & Ireland 2023?

Perhaps the most prestigious accolade in the culinary sphere, the Michelin Star guide, has been influencing the world since 1889. Brothers Andrew and Edouard Michelin, founders of the Michelin tyre company, created a guide explaining how to change a tyre, where to find a petrol station, as well as where to stay and what to eat, which has [...]

Hospitality vs. Spring Budget 2023: Who’s winning?

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, delivered his annual Spring Budget for 2023 on Wednesday 15th March. Prior to this, the hospitality industry was just one of the sectors pleading for reform, following turbulent times post-pandemic. Although members of the food and drink industry broadly welcomed the Chancellor’s Spring Budget, there were questions raised around the viability [...]

Kitchen by Liquid: February Highlights

It’s been a fabulous February for us here at Kitchen by Liquid, as we’ve welcomed new faces into the kitchen and seen Olivier cook up some tasty treats. We’ve had trainee chefs in for masterclasses, a celebration of women in business and a photoshoot for a national food chain – read on to find out more! Springboard [...]

Urban Cultivator: Introducing our brand-new indoor kitchen garden

With the ever-unpredictable weather conditions in the UK, largely caused by climate change, we are starting to see colder, wetter winters and hotter, drier summers.  The effect that this extreme weather has on British-grown produce can be detrimental, killing off crops and creating supply shortages. With this in mind, people are increasingly starting to explore alternative options, with controlled [...]

The Burnt Chef Project’s mental health apprenticeship – what does this mean for the industry?

Last month, The Burnt Chef Project – which aims to eradicate mental health stigma within the hospitality industry – announced the launch of its revolutionary mental health apprenticeship. But just what is a mental health apprenticeship and what does this mean for the hospitality industry? The Burnt Chef Project Launched in May 2019, The Burnt Chef [...]

Kitchen by Liquid: January Highlights

We’ve kicked off 2023 with a bang here at Kitchen by Liquid – with lots to keep us busy, there has certainly been no time for January blues. We’ve welcomed some lovely people into the kitchen for a taste of Olivier’s magic, as well as taking a foodie-focused trip to France and finding fame on Instagram. There’s been [...]

Who’s been smashing it this Veganuary? Kitchen by Liquid’s Top Vegan Places to Eat Out in Birmingham

We’ve all heard of Veganuary, but did you know that the organisation behind it is actually a registered charity which has been promoting veganism since 2014? Veganuary’s mission is simple: to inspire people to follow a vegan lifestyle, spread awareness and accelerate corporate change. With over 629,000 people from 228 countries and territories taking part last year, the [...]

Cheap cuts, expensive prices: Why are cheap cuts expensive in restaurants and how to cook them at home

When planning a weekly meal list and choosing to feature beef on the menu, most Brits would instinctively consider home comforts like roast beef, spaghetti bolognese or cottage pie. The likelihood of opting for cuts such as beef cheek, short rib or brisket don’t normally make the cut to make it into your top three go-tos, or potentially [...]

Kitchen by Liquid: December Round Up

Our December at Kitchen by Liquid has indeed been busy - from events, to photoshoots, to more chocolate than you could throw a snowman’s arm at, here’s a roundup of everything that kept us busy last month.  We kicked off December with the production of more than 450 beautifully handmade and individually decorated chocolates by master pastry chef [...]

Kitchen by Liquid – November highlights

It’s been another busy month for the Kitchen by Liquid team, as the kitchen doors have opened to a number of local businesses.   From a Transatlantic networking event with mini hotdogs and sliders to celebrate Tthanksgiving, through to a pâtisserie masterclass for chefs from local Indian restaurants to expaend their repertoire, we’ve had a busy but enjoyable month [...]

Street food in Birmingham: Digbeth Dining Club to Habaneros, who are the heavyweight vendors to look out for?

At Kitchen by Liquid, we count ourselves lucky to call Birmingham our home, while there are many reasons for this, one of the main reasons is that it is the most ethnically diverse regional city in the UK and is home to people of 187 different nationalities. There aren’t many cities in the world with almost 200 [...]

Kitchen by Liquid – October highlights

Things have been hotting up at Kitchen by Liquid over the past month! The team have been busy hosting a special event to raise money for Acorn’s Children’s Hospice and Olivier delivered the first practical masterclass from our brand-new cookery school, find out more about the events below.  ‘’Come Dine with Us” event for Acorns Children’s Hospice    [...]

Olivier’s favourite plant-based recipes to try this World Vegan Month

November is World Vegan Month, so what better way to celebrate than to join the millions of vegans around the world and get creative with plant-based ingredients in the kitchen!   To help inspire you, we caught up with our awarding-winning development chef, Olivier Briault, who shared some of his favourite plant-based recipes that even the total beginners amongst [...]

Getting involved with Sourdough September

2022 marks the 10th annual international Sourdough September – a month dedicated to helping people across the world to discover that “life’s sweeter with sourdough!”. #SourdoughSeptember is all about encouraging everyone to bake and buy sourdough bread. It’s an opportunity for genuine sourdough bakers and teachers to showcase what they do – and all that’s great about sourdough! [...]

Back to school: Inspirational packed lunch ideas to add some excitement to lunchtime

Lunchtime is a vital part of a child’s school day as it not only gives them a chance to unwind with friends, but it also allows them to re-energise with delicious food. Getting the nutrients they need from eating a range of tasty food will (hopefully) help them to stay focused during afternoon lessons and the day ahead. [...]

Behind the scenes: Liquid’s summer party

On Saturday 23rd July, team Liquid came together to celebrate our recent successes – from award wins to jaw-dropping campaigns – at our summer party.   Held on floor two of our office, the team welcomed friends and family along for the occasion. Thanks to some excellent preparation from the social committee – Heather, Claudia, Luke, Antonia, and Jess [...]

The sector’s first employee exchange programme – what does this mean for hospitality staff?

Here at WTF! we love to keep up with the most recent industry news, as well as the latest hot topics that all us foodies want to hear about.    Staff Canteen recently revealed how Michelin-starred chefs Paul Ainsworth and Tommy Banks have launched the sector’s first exclusive employee exchange programme, an initiative which allows staff - from both [...]

Olivier Briault’s top five chocolate recipes for World Chocolate Day 

World Chocolate Day is a global, guilt-free day of choccy celebration, where chocolate lovers from around the world can indulge in their favourite treats.  Taking place on July 7, the date symbolises the anniversary of the introduction of chocolate to Europe in 1550 and has been observed since 2009 – and how grateful we are… who can imagine [...]

Liquid’s 18th birthday: reflecting on changes in the food sector over the last 18 years

As Liquid turns 18, our Chef Director, David Colcombe, reflects on the changes in the food sector over the last two decades.  The food industry has changed a lot since 2004, the year that Liquid was born. The events of the last 18 years have shaped the sector in many ways – and particularly since the pandemic. From people’s shopping habits to [...]

English wine week: cheers to English wine!

There is an ever-growing thirst for home grown wine, as wine producers and retailers have worked tirelessly to transform perceptions of English wine over the past decade. The industry was previously reduced to ultra-sweet sherry type bottles, but things have certainly changed – about time in our opinion!  The industry has been toasting an exponential growth, with figures [...]

Inspiring sandwich fillers to brighten up your lunch this British Sandwich Week

Sandwiches have always been at the heart of English mealtimes – whether it’s a quick on-the-go lunch or a brunch style sandwich, you can’t beat a perfectly made sarnie to add to your picnics or lunchboxes this summer.   To celebrate British Sandwich Week, we have selected our top five irresistible sandwich filler ideas to inspire your sandwich making [...]

A day in the life: Kitchen by Liquid

Last month, we shared the news that we had launched Kitchen by Liquid – our new service offering enabling brands, companies, organisations, chefs, and individuals to hire our state-of-the-art development kitchen and studio in the heart of Birmingham.   This month, we’re giving an inside look at what our development chefs and food stylists get up to on shoot [...]

Chef’s top tips on how to reuse your leftover Easter chocolate

Left over Easter chocolate? It’s a problem we all love to have. Luckily here at Liquid, we have two experienced chefs who can transform your leftovers into a deliciously sweet treat for the whole family to enjoy.  Olivier, our in-house development chef, has two go-to recipes he uses leftover Easter chocolate for:  Chocolate truffles In typical French style, [...]

Food predictions for 2022

After two years of living through the pandemic, we have seen so many trends and growth in the food and drink sector – people have been trying their hand at cooking restaurant dishes, baking up a storm and experimenting with new ingredients, but what’s on the agenda for 2022?    We’ve pulled together a list of the top food [...]

Introducing Kitchen by Liquid

Waterloo Street boasts some of Birmingham’s best restaurants and bars, but we’ll let you in on a secret… It’s also home to another kitchen that is very special to us – introducing Kitchen by Liquid! Our state-of-the-art demonstration kitchen is where we do our very best work – they do say that the kitchen is the heart of [...]

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