School’s out for the summer, meaning one thing – the kids are at home for the holiday!  

It can be difficult finding fun things to do that will keep them occupied and fill the time so why not whip up some fairy cakes or bake gooey brownies?  

Baking and cooking with the little ones have many benefits. It’ll keep them entertained, allow them to learn life skills like how to follow recipes and use utensils properly, and leave them and those involved with happy memories.

We know cooking and buying ingredients can be expensive, so we’ve chosen our top easy and budget friendly recipes to make with your children during the summer holidays.  

Eat the rainbow with this pizza

Even the fussiest children (and we know they can be very particular) will love this rainbow pizza. Pizza is not only fun to make, but it’s an extremely easy way of getting the little ones to eat their five a day. 

What’s great about this pizza is that you can customise the toppings to your liking. So, if your child dislikes mushrooms, simply replace it with their favourite choice of topping, such as tomatoes or peppers.

Escape to another world with these magical fairy cakes

Planning on having a cosy movie night with the kids and watching a classic fairy tale? If so, grab your tiaras and add some sparkle to the night by baking these fluffy fairy cakes.  

Fairy cakes are always a great bake if you want to get your hands messy. It’s also fun for children of all ages to help with. The older children can do the more difficult tasks such as measuring ingredients, whist the little ones can help with the icing and sprinkles. 

You don’t have to miss out if you’re vegan. Unlike some plant-based bakes that require a list of expensive ingredients, these vegan fairy cakes use simple, inexpensive ones such as dairy-free milk and plain dairy-free yoghurt. 

‘Relish’ the moment you bite into this veggie burger

These perfect patties are bound to be a summer favourite with kids and adults alike.  

Packed with delicious vegetables such as carrots and cabbage, these vibrant burgers can be served alongside crispy sweet potato fries and relish.  

When making these burgers, the kids will learn a range of skills such as mixing the ingredients and shaping the patties. What’s great is that if you have left over burger mixture, you can freeze it for later use.  

The kids will be left wanting another bite of this beast of a brownie

Brownies are another crowd pleaser that all chocolate loving kids will like. Made without eggs or dairy, this brownie is also suitable for children with allergies. You can also make it gluten free by using gluten free rolled oats.   

These indulgent brownies are extremely easy to make – all you need to do is measure everything into a blender and blend until smooth. You can also customise the add-ins to your liking, for example you can swap the chocolate chips for nuts or raisins.  

There you have it – our favourite recipes to make with the kids this summer. What are your top recipes to make?