November is World Vegan Month, so what better way to celebrate than to join the millions of vegans around the world and get creative with plant-based ingredients in the kitchen!  

To help inspire you, we caught up with our awarding-winning development chef, Olivier Briault, who shared some of his favourite plant-based recipes that even the total beginners amongst us can whip-up for family and friends through the colder months.

Maple Thai Green Curry 

For a 100% vegan Thai green curry that’s easy to follow and full of vibrant flavours, make sure to try this maple Thai green curry recipe. It combines fiery chillies, the invigorating aroma of fresh ginger and a touch of sweetness from pure maple syrup, that’s best served with fragrant jasmine rice.  

Buckwheat, Pomegranate and Roasted Carrot Tabbouleh 

This buckwheat pomegranate roasted carrot tabbouleh is the perfect twist on the classic French tabbouleh and is jam packed full of delicious veggie favourites. The dish is good enough to be eaten on its own but can also be served as a side to complement roasted cauliflower steaks or aubergine. 

Turmeric Veggie Fried Rice 

Turmeric is becoming more and more of a cooking staple, especially within the plant-based world. This fragrant spice will effortlessly add colour and flavour to staple ingredients like rice, quinoa and couscous.  

To add some spice to your life, try this turmeric veggie fried rice recipe developed here in Kitchen by Liquid! It’s the perfect light lunch and a great way to pack some extra immune boosting vegetables in your diet this winter.  

Vegan Chocolate Fondant 

Being a pastry chef, Olivier is always on the lookout for exciting and delicious sweet recipes and tells us that “substituting diary doesn’t mean you should compromise on flavour”.  

This vegan chocolate fondant  is one of Olivier’s all-time favourite vegan desserts. The melt-in-the-middle chocolate fondant tastes just as good as it looks. Dark chocolate, cocoa powder and pure maple syrup combine to form the most decadent vegan chocolate pudding…this certainly has our seal of approval!  

Which of these recipes will you be trying out this month? Make sure to share your pictures with us over on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.