On behalf of our international food client, we create Always in Season a podcast which aims to engage and educate people on the importance of eating seasonally and more sustainably.   

From explaining what it really means to eat in season, to talking to some of the UK’s most influential food experts, each episode serves up insightful knowledge on growing and sourcing the very best ingredients.   

To help us bring our sustainable vision to life, we recruited a host. James Golding is a driving force in promoting sustainable eating in the UK hospitality industry, Group Chef Director for a major UK hotel group and one of our Maple from Canada UK ambassadors. James was the perfect choice of host and each episode he is joined by guests which so far have included Michelin-starred chefs, artisan producers and TV personalities.  

This month at What The Food! we want to take you behind the scenes of Always in Season and how we create each episode.  

How is it filmed?

Each episode is recorded virtually over Zoom with James, Pete the producer and Jess, one of Liquid’s Account Manager who heads up Always in Season. Jess makes sure that James and his guests are prepped and ready, drafting some guide questions and notes on the episode’s topic. Once Pete is happy with the sound quality, we hit record and Jess sits back to enjoy the conversation.  

Once the podcast has been recorded, Jess drafts the show notes and briefs Liquid’s in-house design studio and social team on the key topics and assets that we need to promote the new episode – everything from an episode front cover and Instagram story frames to teaser videos and advertising collateral. Once all this is ready, we’re ready to share the episode with the world!  

What does it cover?  

Each episode is different depending on the guest, we’ve talked about sustainable lobster farming, meat consumption, cheese production, British wine making, BBQ season, cooking for the Queen and more!  

Although the topics vary, each episode comes back to eating seasonally and making a conscious effort to be more sustainable and they always have one thing in common – pure Canadian maple syrup is the perfect, versatile ingredient to take that incredible produce to the next level.    

What’s next?

We are super excited at What The Food! HQ as we’re currently working towards the launch of Always in Season, Season 2.  

We have some amazing guests lined up already, are currently sitting at number 135 in the food podcast charts and are exploring some new ideas for sharing our content this year both online and in person, so watch this space!  

This month Liquid is also expanding onto a second floor which is home to our very own media suite. That means more episodes, more content, more guests and more exciting foodie news. We can’t wait to share it with you.  

For now, you can catch up on season one and subscribe ready for season two on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Castbox, and Amazon Music.