Sandwiches have always been at the heart of English mealtimes – whether it’s a quick on-the-go lunch or a brunch style sandwich, you can’t beat a perfectly made sarnie to add to your picnics or lunchboxes this summer.  

To celebrate British Sandwich Week, we have selected our top five irresistible sandwich filler ideas to inspire your sandwich making – click their titles to find the recipes. 

To switch up your standard lunch options, this chicken sandwich with a tangy flavoursome twist is the perfect lunchtime treat. The hoisin marinade pairs perfectly with the Lebanese style flavours and is a quick, simple recipe to make on a sunny afternoonor as meal prep for the week. 

This sandwich is filled with peppers, chicken, and tzatziki for a healthy, flavoursome low-calorie option. The recipe brings day-to-day ingredients to life, for a fresh and light lunch that’s perfect to share with friends alfresco style! 

When looking for smart, sophisticated picnic foods, cucumber sandwiches are always at the top of the list.  

All you need for this simple, yet classy picnic treat is cucumbers, white bread, an onion, white vinegar, caster sugar, dried chilli flakes, ground turmeric, fennel seeds, salted butter, and chopped dill. 

These healthy chicken, avocado, and lettuce sandwiches are perfect for a summer picnic. The chicken has a crispy coating made from flour, almonds, and sesame seeds, making them a scrumptious, lighter alternative for summer lunches. 

This loaded vegan sandwich is ideal for when hunger hits, filled with homemade hummus, beetroot, chickpeas, and salad.  

Taking only 10 minutes to make, this is the perfect option that’s 100% vegan, for a quick on-the-go lunch.  


What are your favourite sandwich fillings? We’d love you to share these with us this British Sandwich Week!