2022 marks the 10th annual international Sourdough September – a month dedicated to helping people across the world to discover that “life’s sweeter with sourdough!”.

#SourdoughSeptember is all about encouraging everyone to bake and buy sourdough bread. It’s an opportunity for genuine sourdough bakers and teachers to showcase what they do – and all that’s great about sourdough!

The campaign is run by the food and farming charity Sustain, whose mission for this Real Bread Campaign is finding and sharing ways to make bread better for us, our communities and for the planet.

The campaign is calling for a change in law to help people understand that not all loaves are created equal – it wants to improve load labelling and marketing laws in the UK, to ensure that often undeclared additives are made clear.

Sourdough is the original method of raising dough – it is a process, rather than a look, style, or taste. Yeasts and lactic acid bacteria that are naturally present on the surface of grains end up in flour – this thriving sourdough culture that can then be used to make bread from as few as three ingredients: flour, water and salt.

Genuine sourdough bread therefore does not involve the use of baker’s yeast, chemical raising agents or additives. Evidence even suggests that making bread using a genuine sourdough method might have greater nutritional and other health benefits – so it tastes and feels good!

Why not experience the “power of sour” for yourself this September, and bake a loaf of genuine sourdough at home?

All you’ll need is sourdough starter (1:1 wheat or rye flour to water), bread or plain flour, tap water and salt. For measurements and the full recipe, click here.

If you’re already a sourdough hero, why not push the boat out and try something a little more challenging? These sourdough knots with pesto make a great lunch time treat or as a snack to share with the family.

Don’t have the time to make your own bread at home? Simply head to your local independent bakery and pick up a loaf of sourdough to join in with the fun.

To get involved with Read Bread Campaign’s official events for Sourdough September, you can find the events calendar here.