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Staff Canteen recently revealed how Michelin-starred chefs Paul Ainsworth and Tommy Banks have launched the sector’s first exclusive employee exchange programme, an initiative which allows staff – from both front and back-of-house – to swap companies for a week.   

How does the employee exchange programme work?

The new programme allows staff to experience the workings of another restaurant group within a very different setting. The initiative puts employee development first, by enabling teams to experience different areas of the business and grow a range of skills across the sector.   

Those taking part in the scheme can also choose to rotate through the business or focus on one restaurant within the organisation.   

As well as helping staff to gain experience, the initiative offers a multitude of other benefits such as team accommodation, health and wellbeing packages, a commitment to work-life balance and much more… sounds good to us!  

What does this mean for hospitality staff?

Paul Ainsworth stated that “you never stop learning in hospitality, but we want to fast-track this and give our team a more holistic view of the industry, which comes with experiencing other companies. I am so grateful to have worked all across the UK and I want others to be able to do the same.”  

Bringing this opportunity to staff of all abilities across the hospitality sector will give more people an equal opportunity to grow, develop and be better equipped for their future careers.   

Hospitality is equally made up of front-of-house staff as well as talented chefs. Paul Ainsworth stated that one of the reasons for this strategic development is that stage programmes for chefs are well established across the industry but are lacking for front-of-house staff. With this in mind, the employee exchange programme will allow front-of-house staff to thrive in their roles and give all team members a chance to learn transferable skills from each other.   

Our Chef Director, David Colcombe, thinks that this new approach is a great step forward for the industry. He said: “The employee exchange programme is a great opportunity for hospitality staff, and I praise Paul Ainsworth and Tommy Banks for taking that first step to improve the industry for all.  

“The development opportunities and exposure that the programme will provide will make a great, positive impact on the industry and I love the idea – I’m sure it will be a great success.” 

We think this is an exciting prospect for those in the industry, but what do you think – should more restaurants adopt this?   

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