We’ve all heard of Veganuary, but did you know that the organisation behind it is actually a registered charity which has been promoting veganism since 2014? Veganuary’s mission is simple: to inspire people to follow a vegan lifestyle, spread awareness and accelerate corporate change.

With over 629,000 people from 228 countries and territories taking part last year, the trend is ever increasing in popularity and 98% of participants said they’d recommend it to a friend!

Whether you’re currently taking part, already adopt veganism, or simply want to see what all the fuss is about, we’ve been enjoying the best of Brum’s vegan culinary scene this month and here are our top picks:

The Vegan Kitchen, City Centre

There’s no need to give up your favourite street food dishes when you can visit The Vegan Kitchen, where vegan burgers are served up with cheeZy chips and you can top it all off with classic desserts that, you guessed it, are all vegan! Missing buffalo wings? Look no further than their crispy buffalo cauliflower bites. Formerly found in vegan markets and the Edgbaston Cricket Ground, this pop-up emerged from the pandemic bigger and better than ever, now with a fixed location in the Great Western Arcade!

Land Restaurant, City Centre 

If you’re looking for a sophisticated vegan experience, make sure to check out Land Restaurant. Taking pride in their plant-focused formal dining experience, Head Chefs Adrian and Tony were featured in The Guardian’s 2022 rising stars list. Land’s commitment to seasonal produce means that dishes often change day to day, using the best ingredients accessible. We’d recommend going all out and trying one of the dynamic four and six course Chef’s Tasting Menus – when in Rome (or the Great Western Arcade) ey!

Restaurants Archive – Comptoir Libanais, City Centre

This Lebanese restaurant in Grand Central offers various vegan mezze options, with a delicious aubergine and chickpea tagine and sides to compliment each dish. Tony Kitous, the founder, moved to London at 18 with £70 in his pocket, dreaming of opening a restaurant in London. Achieving this, followed by many restaurants in major cities all over the UK, Kitous has fulfilled his main focus of ensuring people “fall in love with the Middle East and its bold flavours and generous hospitality.”

Chakana, Moseley 

If you fancy a real treat, head to Moseley for Michelin-starred Chef Robert Ortiz’s Peruvian restaurant, Chakana. With vegan options available on request, the restaurant encompasses the core values of ‘Chakana’, meaning living with our surroundings – especially nature. Once you enter the old bank where the restaurant is situated, you’ll find quality food in an accessible and relaxed atmosphere. Head to their website and make a booking to experience the modern Peruvian cuisine for yourself.

Cafe Soya, City Centre 

You cannot go wrong when you choose Cafe Soya, a family business established in 2000 and located in the heart of the Arcadian. This Chinese and Vietnamese fusion restaurant has a passion for accommodating vegans, providing a full vegan menu with a range of starters, mains and desserts! Please be aware that it is cash only, but it’s well worth a trip to the ATM if you ask us.

Del Villaggio – Birmingham, City Centre

Italian food lovers will be delighted to know that Del Villaggio has an extensive vegan menu, with pane e olive, antipasti, mains and sides. The restaurant has put effort into offering alternatives, such as vegan cheese, because no one should have to be without Italian cuisine. All food is prepared in house at this family run restaurant, where only the freshest ingredients make it through the door and pizzas are handcrafted and cooked in their stone baked oven. You don’t have to venture far for a taste of Italy, as Del Villaggio is situated on Broad Street, part of our inclusive Birmingham community.

Do you have any vegan recommendations? Make sure to let us know on social media so we can check them out!