Last month, The Burnt Chef Project – which aims to eradicate mental health stigma within the hospitality industry – announced the launch of its revolutionary mental health apprenticeship.

But just what is a mental health apprenticeship and what does this mean for the hospitality industry?

The Burnt Chef Project

Launched in May 2019, The Burnt Chef Project was set up with the sole intention of eradicating mental health stigma within the hospitality industry.

Being part of the hospitality industry can be a rewarding and exciting experience. However, it can also come with difficulties and challenges – especially for those working in a high-pressure and fast-paced environment.

A survey conducted by The Burnt Chef Project found that eight out of 10 hospitality professionals experienced mental health issues within their career and 46% would not feel comfortable talking about their health concerns with their colleagues.

Additionally, a recent study by Wildgoose found that employers have struggled to adapt their mental health support processes following the increased pressure and stress on hospitality workers since the pandemic.

Challenging the stigma

To address this issue, The Burnt Chef Project has launched a joint project with Performance Learning Group to create a new level four apprenticeship in Hospitality and Workplace Mental Health Management.

The apprenticeship, which is approved and endorsed by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), is targeted at managers and senior leaders within the sector. Its aim is to create strong hospitality leaders who understand mental health, how it can affect their employees and best practice to support employees.

Those undertaking the course will explore topics such as Effective Appraisals, People Management, Coaching and Feedback and Driving Cultural Change. Through this, attendees will be left with knowledge and tools required to support the ongoing mental wellbeing of their team.

Making positive change

The new mental health apprenticeship is revolutionary for the hospitality industry, teaching hospitality leaders how to understand mental health, how mental health may affect employees and how they can support employees.

It promotes awareness and equips senior managers with the skills and knowledge to create an open environment where everyone feels comfortable to speak about their mental health.

The industry is renowned for being high-pressure and high-stress, factors which often contribute to mental health struggles, so this initiative is a fantastic first step in addressing this issue and breaking down the stigma to create positive change.

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