As the hospitality industry grows and continues to bounce back on its feet to pre-pandemic levels, recruitment challenges remain a persistent issue.

With vacancy rates still 72% higher than they were pre-pandemic, meaning 1 in 4 businesses are unable to meet demand, the hospitality industry is facing an incredibly challenging recruitment landscape. The recruitment crisis is also stunting economic growth across the country, costing the industry £22bn a year.

Finding and retaining qualified staff is a top priority for many hospitality businesses, from bars, pubs and restaurants to event venues and catering companies. However, hospitality training academies are emerging as a solution to these challenges.

Hospitality training academies provide comprehensive training programmes designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the industry, often helping people to overcome barriers to employment. These programmes cover a range of topics, including customer service, communication skills and culinary techniques.

Benefits of hospitality training academies include providing students with hands-on, real-life experience, as well as providing students from disadvantaged backgrounds with a career pathway and route into the industry.

For employers, hospitality training academies provide a valuable source of well-trained and qualified candidates for job openings. By training people from the onset, it also creates long-term, loyal employees.

The impact of ongoing recruitment struggles has led many restaurant groups to launch their own training academies, nurturing the next generation of talent. This includes Rosa’s Thai, KFC, and most recently Rudy’s Pizza and Deliveroo.

Rudy’s Pizza Academy is set to welcome more than 100 chefs in its first year, with every new Rudy’s back-of-house team member starting their journey there. And Deliveroo’s new training academy is set to help small and medium-sized restaurants across the UK access expert advice and valuable training and skills opportunities.

Hospitality training academies provide a key solution to solving the ongoing recruitment crisis. Academies nurture new talent, equipping people with the skills needed to flourish in the sector. Most importantly, they also help to build a stronger and more skilled workforce, benefiting both businesses, employees and our economy.

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