World Chocolate Day is a global, guilt-free day of choccy celebration, where chocolate lovers from around the world can indulge in their favourite treats. 

Taking place on July 7, the date symbolises the anniversary of the introduction of chocolate to Europe in 1550 and has been observed since 2009 – and how grateful we are… who can imagine a world without chocolate?!  

To celebrate, Liquid’s Development Chef, Olivier Briault, shares his favourite chocolate recipes so that everyone can prepare some scrumptious goodies ahead of the big day. 

Olivier Briault’s Chocolate Mini Rolls with Maple Cream Cheese Filling 

Sweet, chocolatey and creamy, these Chocolate Mini Rolls with Cream Cheese Filling are a favourite for sharing with family and friends. A British classic with a maple twist, they’re perfect for when you’re looking for a small, sweet treat and they’re surprisingly simple to make. 

Croissants au Chocolat  

These yummy croissants au chocolat are great if you have guests coming to stay, as they can be prepared ahead of time and then stored raw in the freezer. This makes them perfect for a lazy Sunday morning – all you have to do is roll out of bed, pop them in the oven for 20 minutes and serve up with a fresh glass of orange juice. A tasty breakfast in minutes!  

Traditional French Dark Chocolate Truffles 

These trufflesmade of gooey, melting, dark chocolate ganache topped with light cocoa powderare the ultimate choccy treat! Traditional French truffles are a favourite of Olivier’s (unsurprisingly, given his French background) but they are completely impossible to resist for anyone! 

Chocolate Fondant 

Taking inspiration from Gordon Ramsey, Olivier adores making a Chocolate Fondant and has become quite the expert! Once you’ve mastered the art of a fondant, it can be easily adapted to different flavours. Chocolate Orange versions, as well as Baileys, are a few of Olivier’s favourite varieties. 

Nutmeg and Banana Cake with Tonka Dark Chocolate Ganache 

This delicious recipe is made with browned butter and salted dark chocolate icing, to transform a simple banana-nut cake into an unforgettable treat. A few pinches of flaky sea salt on top are a clue to the cake’s secret ingredient – the perfect addition to a mid-morning cup of tea! 


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