Ignited by the Romantic movement, since the mid-1800s picnics have been a popular pastime in Britain. Going on a picnic was once a luxury only few could afford. Reserved for the upper classes only, it was seen a way to escape the formality of the dining room and move meals outside where nature provided the most fashionable and romantic backdrop. 

However, this is now far from the case. As picnics are inexpensive, they can be enjoyed by everyone. It’s no surprise that every summer in Britain, when the sun is shining, everyone makes the most of the warm weather by heading out of the house to enjoy delicious food and drink. Below we’ve listed our top picnic must haves that will make your day out extra special.  

 So, this June for National Picnic Week (18th – 26th June), grab your blankets and baskets, venture into the great outdoors and reconnect with nature for a good old-fashioned picnic. 

Classic sandwich 

 We all know that a classic picnic is not complete without a sandwich. Next time you’re having a picnic we challenge you to ditch the soggy cheese and ham sandwich and instead make a  Spicy Thai Chicken Salad or a Falafel & Hummus Wrap.  

 These dishes offer a playful and tasty twist on a classic sandwich and use fresh, summer ingredients. If you want, you can also pack extra hummus and use it as a dip for crisps or sliced vegetables. 

Quiche Lorraine  

The next picnic must have is Quiche Lorraine. This is another classic picnic dish that I’m sure most of you have enjoyed. A quiche is perfect for a relaxed picnic and can be served alongside your wraps and a crisp green salad. 

Our two favourite recipes is this  Vegan Quiche Lorraine and this decadent  Ham and Boursin quiche with quail eggs. 

Dessert in a jar 

The easiest (and most fun way) to have desserts whilst on a picnic is in a mason jar! Making desserts in a jar eliminates the need for extra dishes, it’s easy to transport and can be enjoyed on the go. 

One of our favourite desserts in a jar recipe are these creamy  no bake key lime pies. This recipe is extremely versatile and if lime isn’t to your liking, you can swap in any other citrus fruit for an equally tasty dessert. It can be made gluten free by using gluten-free oats and dairy-free by subbing coconut oil for ghee and having plant-based yoghurt instead of Skyr.  

Portable snacks 

A picnic wouldn’t be the same without an array of snacks for you to nibble on throughout the day. From scotch eggs and a homemade  Cauliflower cheese roll to crisps and strawberries, ensure you have plenty of snacks on the go to keep you satisfied and full of energy.  


 A picnic is not quite a picnic if you don’t have portable drinks to sip whilst relaxing in the sun.  

 Our first drink pick is a  classic lemonade. Requiring three ingredients, this recipe is easy to whip up and can be enjoyed by kids and adults! 

 For a tropical twist, why not try this  pineapple mint iced tea? Sweet and herbal, this tea travels well and gets to infuse a little longer depending on how far you’re roaming into the great outdoors. 

 No summer picnic would be complete without a pitcher of fruity  Pimm’s!. This fruity cocktail is perfect for last minute outings and is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser. 

Sangria is another drink that’s perfect for when you’re meeting friends outside for several hours of open-aired fun. Traditionally it’s made of red wine, water, herbs, spices and fruit. You can make it at home or, if you’re tight on time, you can find it at your local supermarket.  

 Our last drink pick is a good old Gin and Tonic (G&T). For a nice, refreshing twist try this  elderflower & cucumber G&T. All you need to do is mix elderflower cordial, gin and cucumber strips, and bottle up for transporting.  


Now that the food and drinks are ready, make sure to pack very carefully. 

If your picnic food isn’t perishable and you don’t have far to travel, a traditional picnic basket would be perfect. If you plan to hike deep into the woods, a backpack-style picnic carrier may be more appropriate. And if it’s a particularly scorching summer’s day and you have a long way to travel, a cool box will come in super handy for keeping your picnic goods chilled. 

Remember to check that your Tupperware is shut tight and wrap items that may leak in a plastic bag or cling film. If you don’t fancy ruining your clothes and are unsure of the location, a waterproof picnic blanket may also come in handy.  

We can’t wait to go on a picnic now! What are your picnic must haves?