The team at Liquid have been hard at work with BBQthemed dishes being created for the North Carolina Sweetpotato Commission and hosting the latest Maple From Canada UK ambassador to showcase her new pure Canadian maple syrupinfused recipes. 

Sweetpotato Sensations for Summer BBQs 

In June, the Liquid team curated four new BBQ side dishes for our client, North Carolina Sweetpotato Commission. The diversity of sweetpotatoes allows our in house development chef, Olivier, to create original and exciting recipes, and in this case, they were summer-inspired. The sweet and savoury superfood was the centrepiece in dishes that included a non-alcoholic take on a classic summer cocktail, and the perfect sharing starter…watch this space for the full recipes once they go live!  

The team then had a shoot day in the Liquid Kitchen, styling and shooting the dishes for the three markets we support the Commission in – the UK, France, and Germany. The recipes will be utilised by the Liquid team for promotion through press pitching and social posts, educating consumers on the versatility and health benefits of the orange superfood.  

Mouthwatering Maple Masterpieces 

The kitchen also welcomed our new Maple Ambassador, culinary star and Glaswegian TV and radio presenter Julie Lin. Recent winner of Women of Influence’s Woman to Watch, Julie is the owner of the Malaysian-inspired restaurant Ga Ga Kitchen and Bar, based in the heart of Glasgow. 

Julie developed two new and authentic recipes that both featured Canadian maple syrup and were crafted for the consumer to recreate using affordable and easily accessible ingredients. The first recipe was Green Apple Kerabu Salad with Maple Vinegar and Maple Syrup Dressing and the second recipe was Kueh Dadar, an Indonesian dish made up of coconut crepes with maple syrup and peanut filling served with Malaysian coffee and maple syrup. Julie visited our Birmingham kitchen space in June to cook these dishes while our content team captured photos and videos of these delicious recipes being made.  

Once they’re live on the Maple from Canada UK website, the recipes will be used by the Liquid team in press pitching and social media posts. 

If you like the sound of our kitchen offering and how our integrated agency can help develop your recipes, we would love to hear from you – you can contact us on X and Instagram!