Here at Kitchen by Liquid, another busy month has come to an end and Olivier has been hard at work cooking up some wonderful recipes.

March has seen us host two photoshoots, restock our Urban Cultivator and welcome familiar faces into the kitchen for some tasty treats – and you can hear all about it here!


At the beginning of the month, we hosted an Easter shoot for our client Maple from Canada which saw us shoot five seasonal recipes – all lovingly created by Olivier.

This included maple brandy snaps with white chocolate mousse, hot cross maple waffles, maple lamb pie, mini egg maple martinis and an impressive maple coronation crown cake.

Then on 27th March, we also hosted a photoshoot for our client North Carolina SweetPotato Commission, where we shot a mammoth 11 recipes – each one being created three times for the UK, French and German market.

Recipes included Sweetpotato custard tarts, Sweetpotato and cauliflower curry, Sweetpotato Dauphinois, roasted Sweetpotato burritos and Sweetpotato ice cream.

Set up with content creation in mind, our kitchen is the perfect space for shoots like these so do get in touch if you’re looking for a kitchen space to hire!

Urban Cultivator

This month, we also restocked our Urban Cultivator after our previous seeds were harvested and used in Olivier’s recipes.

We now have a new crop of amber pea, wasabi nasturtium, sweet wheatgrass and cilantro planted. Sprouts are already beginning to show but we can expect to have a harvest of sweet wheatgrass in one week, amber pea and wasabi nasturtium in two weeks and cilantro in three weeks.

We’ll be sharing pictures of their progress on our social channels, so stay tuned for updates!

Treating familiar faces

On 28th March, we welcomed our clients from the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN) into the office for a catch-up, which was accompanied by some delicious food from Olivier.

We enjoyed an afternoon tea with coronation chicken, pickled cucumber and cream cheese, egg and cress and BLT sandwiches. For dessert, we had lime and raspberry choux pastries and almond financiers with white chocolate mousse – what a treat!

Then on 30th March, Destination Canada took a trip to the office and Olivier whipped up some maple arancini for starter, accompanied by maple glazed salmon stir fry for main.

And of course, it isn’t just our guests that get treated – the Kitchen by Liquid team often get to enjoy Olivier’s creations too. This month, we got to enjoy some lovely meals including jacket Sweetpotato topped with cheese, bacon and chorizo, spaghetti Bolognese and bacon rolls – what a lucky bunch we are!

If you fancy popping in for some yummy food or want to find out more about our work at Kitchen by Liquid, get in touch with us at