As Brisbane geared up to host a whirlwind of football excitement during the FIFA World Cup, our colleagues living and working in the city took the opportunity to experience the vibrant culinary scene in and around the fan zones.

The famous football tournament provided the perfect opportunity for Brisbane to showcase the diversity of its food industry, so the dining industry experienced an unpredicted boom. What’s more, according to OpenTable’s dashboard, the nation’s restaurants saw a 7% increase in bookings on the day of the Australia v England semi-final.

So, just what food was on offer, and how did it taste? Here are a few things our colleagues over in Brisbane noticed…

Street food extravaganza

Brisbane’s vibrant street food culture continues to amaze us and even more so when it joined with the FIFA World Cup.

The areas around the stadiums and fan sites transformed into bustling food havens. Food trucks and pop-up stalls dished out a variety of cuisines, from hearty burgers to gourmet tacos.

All of this provided a casual foodie experience that perfectly complemented the atmosphere of the matches.

A culinary world tour

As Brisbane welcomed supporters and players worldwide, the food scene also took us fans on a culinary journey.

The dining industry has always been diverse here in Brisbane, with some of the best Mexican and Chinese food we’ve ever had! But it has especially taken this opportunity to showcase a variety of international cuisines, bringing the flavours of participating countries right to the local scene.

Whether we’ve been indulging in Argentine empanadas, savouring Korean barbecue, or enjoying a very missed hearty English breakfast, Aussies have been embracing a world of flavours without even leaving their neighbourhoods.  

Creating social hubs

Watching the matches has been about sharing the experience with friends and fellow fans from across the globe.

We noticed that eateries across the city recognised this communal aspect and transformed themselves into social hubs during the World Cup.

Many establishments offered live screenings of matches, providing an electric atmosphere where fans could celebrate together. This sense of belonging and shared excitement turned dining spots into unofficial fan zones, with a sense of unity across different nations within the city.

Big brands getting on board

Restaurants and venues across Brisbane were just some of the food offerings that wanted to make a stand.

Macca’s produced limited-edition nugget sauces for the FIFA Women’s World Cup, which effectively tapped into the excitement and enthusiasm of fans.

By introducing a variety of sauces inspired by different countries, Maccas was right on time to tap into the trends and international nature of the tournament.

The new flavours – Spicy Buffalo Sauce and Truffle Flavoured Mayo – got people talking and made sure that people gave them a go before the ‘limited edition’ was no longer.

From a marketing standpoint, this move was the perfect way to create a buzz around the tournament while also showing their excitement for women’s football by offering diverse flavours dedicated to different cultures.

Although a few extra dips may feel like a small trend, it created a moment and a shareable story people could enjoy.

It just leaves us wondering what they have planned for the 2032 Olympics…

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